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How to join

Membership can be requested by all those fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Membership is open to natural and legal persons and institutions domiciled or established in the city of Lleida. This geographical limitation may not apply in any cases deemed of interest to the organisation. Associations and other similar bodies may likewise join.
  2. Involvement in an activity which is directly or indirectly connected with the organisation and/or promotion of Congresses, Conventions, Incentives Trips, and events in general.
  3. Due incorporation as a company or association. In the case of sole traders, they must be registered under the special self-employed workers schedule.
  4. Proper legal approval, holding all official permits, and with all obligations fulfilled in accordance with the legislation in force.




Turisme de Lleida. Autonomous commercial depending on the city hall of Lleida.
Identification Code in the Register of Local Organisations of Catalonia 2512073077. Nif P-7560001-E

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